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Thanks for the subtitles in Brazilian portuguese, we love Mister Keaton here too!

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Brasil 🇧🇷

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If you take a look at the camerawork, every modern technique used now was used then--cutaways, close-ups, frame within a frame (used in Sherlock, Jr.) irises, etc... and Keaton, whether he knew it or not, was way ahead of the curve, more so than Chaplin or Lloyd. The Great Stoneface was probably THE best silent film comedian/actor of all time. My favorite, yes, but how he did it, the sheer inventiveness...that'll never be topped. JMO....

Buster Keaton. Charlie Chaplin. Harold Lloyd. The original kings of comedy..

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Laurel and Hardy had their flaws as we all have, and I'm sure they had a few tiffs from time to time , but not to the degree as depicted in this trailer. They we're loved not only for their humor, but the for the humanity behind the humor.. free full episodes of say yes to the dress Glad to see them get recognition from later generations. My dad turned me on to them when I was a lad.

Well here’s another nice picture I’m going to watch next year

Hats off to one of the founding fathers of screen comedy. A pity the studios stopped his 'impossible' gags, realism and entertainment should not mix, it's entertainment not documentary. Keaton then Chaplin I say.. get the full game of minecraft for free Free+Full+The+Great+buster keaton Amazing he didn't die on set. Definitely a film genius. the 5th wave full free movie online Thumbs up for Devo soundtrack.


The gutsy reality of people like Keaton who actually performed these stunts back in the 1920's was also indicative of the type of people who lived then. People had hard lives, without many conveniences and no safety nets. There was no O.S.H.A., no suing people even if you lost an eye or an arm or a leg. No guardrails. No safe spaces for college kids who got their feelings hurt. People were human then, not snowflakes.. Absolute icon and the most badass stuntman of all time..

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